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What Makes Us Unique?

Clean Scene, LLC has been providing over 15 years of biohazard remediation services. We provide efficient, convenient, and high quality services. Our employees are specialized technicians and are experts in all areas of biohazard decontamination. We adhere to all standards and regulations constituted by OHSA and RCRC, and our employees exceed customer requirements and understand customer satisfaction is the priority. That is why our company has a unique easy-access data tracking management for all services provided, very specific employee procedures to all our services to exceed customer expectations, and we conduct a maximum level background check on our employees to ensure the customer is receiving the highest of quality care.

How We Operate and Help

When you need assistance with biohazard material, our company is ready to stand by your side. We are permitted to access all areas needed and using our services can reduce city employee liabilities. We provide 24/7 statewide emergency response services and can provide same-day response for almost all services, we provide a unique web based online data tracking for services rendered, MSDS available for all cleaning supplies used, special project decontamination 24/7 on all services (same price), medical waste pick up and transportation services on YOUR schedule (certified ADEQ), and DME (durable medical equipment) sanitizing for multiple municipalities. We even offer biohazard training to those who are interested. To learn more about many other specific services offered, please go to our Services.